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An OC rp blog set in the Pacific Rim 'verse, pre-movie. Faolan Burke is a medic-turned-Jaeger trainee, soon to become a pilot.

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POW my new obsession collides with my old obsession. POW SMOOSH. 

Drawing this and listening to the Pacific Rim soundtrack on repeat for 2 days I had some sort of story in my head about how Coulson’s Jaeger was destroyed, his partner lost, so ROmanoff and Barton took him in, er… But summing up- look Strike Team DELTA has got to have 3 people in it okay. 


( THIS IS BEAUTIFUL.  the likenesses are great, and the colors, and the linework, and, ugh, *rubs self on* … i mean. ;n;  this AU is the best of all AUs.  

*rolls in fic i’m totally definitely not writing with human!AU thor and loki having to pilot together during an emergency* )

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What time is it? 10 minute tipsy sketch time!  (Also known as: ‘I was going to srs art and then…’ time.)

:3 I doodled Burke and Candice.  They’re practicing their combat technique.

+ cheap beer, good friends

Did it make Burke a hypocrite to have his own stash of liquor under his bed?


        …. Entirely, yes.

But he didn’t much care – besides, a little bit of alcohol did the spirit good.  For all that his military training railed against the idea of disobeying orders, he knew a shot or two wouldn’t put him back.  (And, sometimes, it helped to numb the constant worry.)

He shook his head, as though physically jolting the negative thoughts from his mind – that was why he had a bit of booze under his bunk in the first place, to take the edge off.  Certainly not to dwell on humanity’s impending doom and destruct—

“That’s it,” he grunted, downing the rest of his whiskey.  “Time for a change of venue.

He snagged a six-pack of beer to take with him and shuffled off towards the common area, tugging on a loose PPDC shirt over his undershirt as he made his way down the hall.  With a bit of a buzz already going and his ears tinged ever-so-slightly pink, Burke was very much in the mood to smile and chat with everyone, and made a point to do so.  He flopped down onto one of the tattered couches, dropping the drinks beside him, and smiled broadly at the others gathered.

“Anyone wanna’ help me finish these?”

+ Preparation for Tomorrow (closed)


She looked the man over, a faint wry smile on the corners of her mouth. Even if she hadn’t recognized him, that scarf of his made him stand out like a sore thumb. 

"You got it," She said not reaching out to shake his hand. Her gloved hands were much warmer and happier in her jacket pockets. She eyed the PPDC logo on his jacket, the same one that was on hers. “Candice Diaz … Weren’t you with medical though?"

He brow furrowed a bit as she tried to remember, there had been such a mad rush then. Even the most level-headed were at a loss as to what exactly to do when the first kaiju appeared. It still felt that way. The world they had known prior to had ended and now they had to start over. . . That sounded suspiciously like an Alan Moore qoute. Eck, now there was someone who’s work she hadn’t enjoyed in a long time. But then most fantasy had lost had lost its appeal. 

Burke shuffled awkwardly and jammed his hands back into his pockets, still-buzzing phone along with them.  (It was very likely his brother, still trying to convince him to abandon ship and move inland. “Let those other guys take care of the Kaiju, you just stay safe,” he’d said, refusing to let Burke explain that he wanted to be one of those ‘other guys’.)  Really, he should have known better – it was so damned cold out here.

As if in response to his thoughts, the wind gusted yet harder, frigid air slipping up under his scarf and tracing along the back of his neck.  He shuddered and huddled forward, sulking, and grinned sheepishly at Candice.

“Diaz, very nice to meet you. … Again.”  He paused, biting back a smirk, and then: “Or do you prefer Candy?”  He waggled his eyebrows, obviously very pleased with his (entirely unoriginal) play on her name, and nodded briefly as she mentioned his role as a medical response member.

“Yeah.  Surprised you remembered my name – got a bit hectic back there.”  He smiled, hoping to make light of the situation, a toothy, genuine expression.

He was honestly surprised she even looked familiar – K-day and the events that followed were some of the most stressful of Burke’s life; he barely remembered most of the haphazard volunteer medical team he worked alongside.  (Henry being the exception – and not one he wanted to think about.  Not now, not ever; the sight of what happened to him after his abrupt and unexpected exposure to the Kaiju’s blood was etched painfully into Burke’s memory, and something he strove to forget.)

Still, he was happy to have found a (somewhat) familiar face – friends of all sorts were very welcomed, and a welcome comfort after the not-so-slight ordeal of shipping out to Alaska to bunk with a new set of military strangers.

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( :D so, anyone up for some plotting? muse is lonely over here. )

+ Preparation for Tomorrow (closed)


Kodiak Island was cold. Colder than than the California raised Candice was used too. It got into your bones and stayed there and not even a coat and gloves could keep it out because you breathed it in. It was her first week there and she was still learning her way around the compound and she could vaguely remember some sci-fi movie that she had watched with her brother Nicky. There had been a line about how how God had made harsh landscapes places to toughen men or something to that effect. Of course it being a bad 1980s sci-fi movie that tough place had  it had been a desert planet but it reminded her of the island all the same. She may not have been speaking terms with religion but she couldn’t help but wonder if those who had founded the Academy subscribed to the same philosophy. 

She breathed out, her breath coming out white and turned her head as she continued walking. Then she saw a face, a face she knew. “Burke,” She said, raising her voice so he could hear her. “It was Burke wasn’t it?”

Kodiak Island was… a bit colder than he was used to.  A bit greyer, too, the sky overcast with a thick, flat blanket of clouds.  It cast everything in the same dull light, swathing metal and earth alike in cold overtones.  Bleak, he thought, staring up at the massive structure that housed the Jaeger production teams, an entertaining (if morbid) commentary on the state of the world.  When the weather even knows to be grim, you know it’s gotten bad, he mused to himself, hands jammed deep into the broad pockets of his jacket.  All in all, if he had to choose, this bleakness was preferable to Iraq’s landscape – both bleak and monotonous, but at least here he wasn’t tasked with fighting other humans.  He also wasn’t sweating his balls off, which was always a nice change.

He was dressed in standard gear; heavy, regulation clothing piled in layers to stave off the chill.  His jacket was new, PPDC logo emblazoned proudly across its back, taken in place of the older Army gear now tucked lovingly in a bin under his bed.  The brightly patterned scarf was the only thing that set him apart from others, a garish and clashing rainbow of pink and green and orange.  (He knit it himself, from leftover yarn hanging around his mother’s house.  It was warm and comfortable and lopsided, and screw anyone who didn’t like it.)

No matter the weather, he always found himself much more interested in the compound.  Who in their right mind wouldn’t be awestruck?  The place was fucking huge, and it always struck him with the strangest urge to laugh.  He knew why such a monstrous structure was needed, of course – he’d snuck more than a few peeks at Horizon Brave – but it never seemed to entirely click with him.  If he bothered to think about it, he’d come to find he was in a sort of denial:  He never wanted to remember how big the Kaiju got; how monstrous and seemingly unstoppable.

A particularly biting gust of wind snapped him from his reverie, and he snuggled further into his jacket, yanking the hood of his hoodie one layer down through the collar and tucking it tightly around his head.  His poor, fragile ears weren’t cut out for this, no doubt flushed a pained red already.

His phone buzzed and he slipped it out of his pocket, double-checking the time as he did so:  he only had another hour before it was time for basic PT, which meant he would have to cut his exploring short.  He was still getting used to the compound, and, yes, he did occasionally want to slip away and ogle the Jaegers when no one was looking –

His phone buzzed again and he opened the texts, sent from his brother.


Be careful.  Don’t you dare get eaten by a Kaiju.

Well, thanks, Joseph, you’re so helpful.


                        “It was Burke wasn’t it?”


Wait, that was his name-

He snapped to attention, head swiveling as he tried to get a lock on the source of the voice.  He spied a younger woman, headed his way – oh, no, she definitely recognized him.  Damn, damn, damn, where did he know her from?  The memory escaped him entirely (he knew he hadn’t met her around the island yet), so he settled with grinning stupidly and thrusting out his free hand in greeting.

“Yes, uh. Aw, fuck, I forgot your name. …  Oh…You were in San Fran, right? … On K-day?”

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[Headcanon 01] 

Burke is too cheap to buy nice Kaiju action figures, so this happened. His desk is littered with similar nonsense.

He’s not a child, this is serious strategic planning here.

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